Don't Ask!

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Yeah, today I got my haircut and the lady barely spoke english. She was like, "Me nam' i' Xuan Thi. What nummer you?" and I was like, "Bitch, What!? Oh, I'm a number three." Ahe replied, "Nummer Terwee?""Yes, number three!" I replied. So she began....she didn't cut any hair! The only thing she cut was the air around me. Then she said, "Goo' enough?""Ummm..can you trim it a bit shorter?" I said. She got got pissed. Her boss then came over and said to her, "Don't let him go when you're done." I was like,"What did I do?" So the lady continued to cut the air around me. Then when she was done, her boss came over and gave me a real haircut. It was like an orgasm! I would have given it up for sex at the moment. When it was done she told me that she was new and from Hong Kong. I felt sorry for her and tipped her. That's it. Write to me for more!


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culture shock

Like any language, English is pretty difficult to learn for foreigners, and I can say from personal experience that it's really hard to keep your cool when you try and say something in another language and you can't get your meaning across.

As for getting pissed and doing a generally half-assed job on your hair, that woman is probably going through the worst stages of culture shock, of which extreme smoker-in-withdrawal-style irritability is a symptom.