Fans? I think so! Constructive critism? Rock On!

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Well, I just found out people really do read my blog. And holy crap-they enjoy it! Which makes me do the big smilies. They just request I use the "enter" key. I can do that.

So, I find it ausome. But what I don't find ausome is the heterophobia I am reading. It really upsets me. I think we should get all moment of silencey for that. At least, I think that's what I've noticed, but then again, I'm in and out on my days of the week. So moving on to the next world...

New cover! I am totally digging on the Tori vibe. Guitar players-I highly recommend the "Spring Haze"-age for some fun singing and guitar chords. And on the musical note, (buhdumbah)the new Howie cd comes out tomorrow. So I got it today, cause I'm vile like that. Alright, whiney. Why did he do that? Madrgials souned better less whiney. But it still sounds orgasmitastical. I love him. In order: Sarah McLachlan, Duncan Sheik, and Mandalay own tier one. Tori Amos, John Mayer, and Gin Blossoms belong to tier two. And tier three is Howie Day, Fiona Apple, and Ani Difranco.

Lovely day here in Sayreville. Warm like balls. Could use a little cooling. Granted, more like 80 than 96 degrees, but I'll deal. We're casting the musical tomorrow. I'm ready to blow some kind of mental load over that. Not sure though. Might kill myself. I know Paul and Sherin both want the part of Jack. Damnit, they're both really good at acting. But I do slightly lean towards Sherin. He's cute to boot. And I have three wanting part of Dancer. Shitfuck. Not cool. I think it's Nicole, Ashley, and Lindsey. So I am conflicted. No one jumping over Davis. Which lets me down. I think Crystal want Autumn. Which could be delectable. Also, then there's stagehand and Faith. Which also needs jumpage. And now I gotta figure out what to do with Steve.

Steve. I like him a lot, and have since the ninth grade, and now he's finally out (does a little dance. jig-like, cause everyone looks fun doing a jig) and I'm going to go ask him out. And he's all in love with his ex in Brooklyn, and I don't know how to get him into the right situation to ask him out. I know exactly what to say, just don't know how to get there. I think I'm just gonna pull him aside, but then the bigger obstical in my way is his pesky girl loveage. AND HOLY SHIT! BUNNIES IS AWESOME! NEVER SUCH A GOOD LIVE VERSION OF BUNNIES! HOWIE-HIGH!

But so I really like him, and I expect a no, I just wanna say I tried. I believe it was Jenny Keene who Jason Mraz adapter the lyrics with from her poem "On Love, In Sadness." "And if I die well at least I tried." And I guess that sums that up.

So crazy Miss Bitchne, for those who, for whatever reason, not loop-ed, that's Miss Michne. She's been evil all week. Granted that's today and the last school half week. Just ugh. Fuck her, we all hate her now. And secondly, EW.

Navy recruiter came to history class today. Nicely muscled, with his flaccid penis just jammed down his pant leg. MY was he an impressive site to behold in all of his seaman glory. The navy guy got me hard. He was neato. He then asked me to pass out flyer to my class. This does not make me smile. Cause I don't wear boxers, so when it's hard, it's hard to miss. So I adjusted me, and my belt. And went for it. It actually didn't make to big a tent. Yay! Didn't wanna seem gay to the military man. He's all militarily. AND HOT.

And we had drills today in school. Evacuation drills. Oh why did they do that to us. Ouch. Is all I'm saying. Hope this post didn't get gross for anyone, with me discussing penile function. If it's too much information, I highly recomend forgetting it, using headbashingagainstrock tactics. And next time a hot guy with his penis visable, and when soft is impressive, not get all aroused. Except for the lesbians. You guys rule anyway. I love lesbians. You guys make the world go round. You and that fricken axis thing. Rock out guys.