Gay and Lesbian Films

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I just finished watching the 1998 romantic drama "Edge of Seventeen" and began to wonder if you think gay or lesbian films are a true representation of what really happens in our lives?
I have only seen the beginning of "The Broken Hearts Club", but surely we are not all like that?
If any of you have seen "Funny Felix", the french film, are we supposed to have sex with every gay person we meet in our search for our past?
Are there any other films that are / are not really a representation of true gay or lesbian life?


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There's a good French movie c

There's a good French movie called "Ma vie en rose" ("My Life in Pink") that's about a 7-year-old transgendered boy and the prejudice he encounters from his neighbors, classmates, and family. The movie is unusual given the age of the kid, but it's got some good surrealistic stuff, and it's a takes a good look at homophobic and transphobic prejudice.

You might also try the movie "Lan Yu," directed by gay Hong Kong filmmaker Stanley Kwan. It's about a relationship between an 18-year-old college student named Lan Yu and a 32-year-old man in Beijing starting circa 1988 and ending with Lan Yu's death in 1998. It's interesting because it takes place in China during the time of the Tian'anmen Square incident, which is also mentioned in the film. At the same time, it's also kind of a semi-cheesy mushy romance movie.

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Ma Vie en Rose

I never knew the name of that movie! Now I do, thank you.

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Gay films are in two categories. The romanticization and idealization of improbable chance encounters and instant "love". And second to support the notion that gays are inherently the horniest people on the planet. The only real decent gay films I can think of are The Priest and Wilde. Of course these were good simply by virtue of being based on a true story.

And Queer as Folk- where do I even begin.


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Good films

A few other good gay movies:

Beautiful Thing - British film about two boys who live next door; set on a London housing estate. "Get Real" is a silmilar film.
Pourquoi pas moi? - French film about a group of people who stage a 'coming out party' and invite all their parents. Very funny :-).

Has anyone seen "Le Placard" (The Closet) or "Happy Together"? Both films I'd really like to see...