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Taken from Mogenic.

gay Gay, a. Excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or delight; inspiring delight; livery; merry.

I can't believe that in this day and age that people are using the word gay as a way of saying something is bad. It also seems to be as versatile as the word fucked. It can mean a myriad of things, none of them good - but I'm here to change that.

gay adj. bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer.

Why not turn it around? We have all embraced our gayness, now lets embrace the word. Take the word and return it to its true meaning. Why let people use it as a insult, there is nothing wrong with being gay, it should be used in its merry context, and be celebrated by all people as a positive, not a negative. Nobody should think that being gay is a bad thing, and shouldn't be used in such a context.

gay (g

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hell yeah!

u go girl! there's nothing for us to be ashamed of! no reason for us to feel inferior! someday everyone will bow before our power! well, maybe not! but seriously, we're awesome!

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people don't say dman that;s

people don't say dman that;s balck or that's so handicapped, but people do say 'that's so lame' insulting lame people. And 'that's so dumb' insulting people who can't speak, just because people can't speak does not mean that they are stupid as is implied, so it's not just gay that being targeted, other groups are also being insulted by phrases. Allthough it is worng of people to say 'that's so gay' in a bad way, it is also not very nice to insult dumb or lame people, so like me anyone who has said these phrases in the past please think about this phrases before saying them in the future.

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don't take it too far

When people say "dumb," they have no thought that they are insulting people who can't speak, and most wouldn't believe you if you told them they were. Although the first definition in the dictionary is: "lacking the power of speech," the common usage of the word today is "6 a : markedly lacking in intelligence : STUPID b : showing a lack of intelligence c : having little or no meaning." Even the dictionary says in it's usage note: "There is evidence that, when applied to persons who cannot speak, dumb has come to be considered offensive." When people say that's so dumb, they mean stupid, and almost no one questions that.
Hmmm I can't really jusitfy lame as well. I would point out however, that lame even used in it's actual context is generally considered a bad thing, unlike gay.

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You have a point, but people

You have a point, but people don't think about insulting people who are gay (allthough i would apprieciate it if they realised that they are). People who are not hoomophoboic and know that i'm gay say 'that's so gay right in front of me and don;t even think about how I may find it offensive.
pointing out that other that's so phrarses are used is to show where that's so gay origniated from and how if we use those other phrases perhaps of we weren;t gay we may say them too, but in the other hand, maybe we would have realised how insulting they are without being gay

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Thats so straight

I go to a terrible close minded school where there two biggest sayings are "thats so gay" and "thats so jewish". I'm both of those. I know it sounds rather immature and perhaps totall hypocritical but I say "thats so straight" and "thats so catholic." I even had my straight pals saying things were so straight. It makes a gay chick feel good. And I have actually heard people say "thats so black"

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Isn't that bringing you down to their level? I think it makes it obvious what they are doing, they do it at my school too, but don't drop to their level...

~dragon fairy~

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Words are power. Words are knowledge. Words express what other things cannot. However, it is important to learn that words are not absolute. To assume that one word only means one thing is ridiculous- every society has a different organic social context. As such, words- the tool of social communication- change meaning. Should we also campaign for the word Fuck to return to its original context- namely, a last name? This is absurd- of course not who is going to call there child John Fuck? Perhaps it is not society that should change the word- an impossibility at best- but rather the gay, or rather queer people. Don't use the term gay. Use queer- or homosexual.

This topic is hypocritical- the "gay" (that is homosexual) movement changed the term from happy to mean homosexual. Why can't the straight people take the word and change it into something else?

If you want to return to the original word gay- why don't we also go back to the values that the word was used in- to wit, the 1950's. The term was used often as an expression of joy. If we wish to return to the originally meaning- let us also return to the 1950's moral code.

Life is a constant flowing river- that is why it is interesting. Let us not turn it into ice!


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The Movement To Free Ommpa loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates


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That is so true!

Yes, I have also noticed how the word gay is being used as a negative bad thing. I'm getting sick of it too. I hear it at least three times a day in that context. I'm getting so sick of it, I might just correct somebody before too long. People say, "this test is so gay!" I say, "really, i didn't know that a test had a sexuality"

If your sad and feeling blue,
I can sing a song for you.
If your happy and feel gay,
I know a game that we can play.
So if your happy or your blue,
Your hero's here to rescue you.

See, my robot has the right idea. Hero Jr knows what he's talking about!


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I hate it when people say "Th

I hate it when people say "That's Jewish!" I know anti-Semitism was a fashion trend in the 1930s, but now? I don't know how people can be so damn ignorant.

In China, while people usually just use the word "tong xing lian (de ren)" ("homosexual(s)(ity)"), gays have also appropriated the word "tongzhi" to mean gay or queer, even though the definition of the word is "comrade" (in the Communist sense of the word).

I guess you can take any word and make it mean anything - a case in point being the tendency in English for almost any word or phrase to have sexual connotations in addition to its original meaning. I remember once talking to an American gay guy, and in the course of a short conversation, we invented a new sexual slang word by using "to install" or "to be installed" to refer to being the top or bottom, respectively.

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In light of newfound-for-me knowledge, I propse that, in line with our eastern brethren, gay people call each other "comrade". Cool, fresh, and nowadays it's an underused word (in North America, at least). Hopefully, if used often enough, it will shed it's roots of Communism and become ours.

I agree with (oh no, I already forgot who said it... sorry) that the word "gay", now that it has adopted negativity, should be left on the wayside as language moves on.

Maybe language is like war. We need to snatch up the best words for our use before someone else takes them for their own spoils! Yar! To battle, comrades!

~B~~ ~ ~

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I am all for turning the word "gay" back around. I just read a chapter out of Nathanael West's novel Miss Lonelyhearts where "gay" has a decidedly positive connotation - "I want to be gay." "Everyone wants to be gay - unless they're sick." "The way to be gay is to make other people gay."

This is coming from a novel published in 1933, when "gay" still meant "happy." But it sounds great, even today!


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I think "gay" as in homosexua

I think people first started using "gay" to mean homosexual in the 1950s, because I swear I remember seeing it used that way in "Naked Lunch," which was published in 1957.

What's the purpose of coming up with slang words like that, just curious? Anonymity, perhaps? I'm thinking that people probably started using words like "gay," "tongzhi," etc. because at that time in the US and to this day in China, it's still dangerous to say that you or someone else is "homosexual" in public because you risk exposing yourself or others. Gay people I know in China, when asking if someone's gay, will still just say "Is s/he like us?" or "Is s/he...?" In fact, gay people here only use pseudonyms and don't reveal their real names even to each other. I think people in the US used to do that as well...

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Always remember...

G A Y = God Accepts You

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ah but

i wouldn't complain so much about the word 'gay' being used offensively if gay ppl weren't discriminated against at work/school/uni etc. both of these things are happening at the same time, though. saying 'that's so gay' is another form of oppression, and it seems stupid to allow myself to be oppressed.

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one of my old primary school

one of my old primary school teachers is gay and when he took me and my gf out for lunch a couple years ago he mentioned someone in my town that we knew and said, 'oh yeah...he's...a member of our church.' it was hilarious cos we were at this outdoor cafe just sitting there eating our lunch...and we could have been talking about church.

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