Good party. Calm party. Nice people. Bad person.

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So, Jen's Newsies watchin' birthday party was gobbles of fun. I'd seen Newsies a million years ago, but it was nice to rewatch. Hadn't seen it in a while. I'd forgotten how bad some of the acting/soundtrack was, but most of it was worth it. Entertaining to watch. I had a blast with Em, Laur, Mel (who got a nifty girlfriend! I'm so happy for her. Melissa so deserves happiness!), Isa, Stiv, Dan, Jen, and Aldo was alright. Mike though. Hm..weird. I don't actually care for him anymore. Friend or otherwise. Maybe I'm dead inside. Maybe I'm just fickle. Maybe I'm just weird. Not caring either way. Either any which way or. Just unmoved. Oh well. I like listening to Res. She's a lot R&B, and when I saw her live at Central Park, it was a phenominal experience. She lit up that stage. I was one of maybe 10% of the crowd enjoying her, and 20% listening, but that's because she was opening for John Mayer. WRONG CROWD. But an excellent performance. She closed with "Back in Black" by AC/DC. Granted it was months ago, but I remember it clearly. She was a terrific person with stage prescence, and I would've met her, but I didn't want to leave my place. I was maybe 5 people in, and it'd've been too hard to get back up there. So, I didn't. I think I'm done with this post. Still asking Kinky Steve out though. I'm nervous, but excited. And loving Res. Still, more than a year later, and still digging the funk. Love ya'll.