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Momma leaves for a couple of days, and she comes back to all this scandal and controversy in the forums about people feeling unwelcome! Dear me, dear me....

So I'll only say two things about it, as there are only two things that need to be said:

* Be nice to people

* If people aren't nice to you, don't stoop to their level.

See how fun and easy that was? :)

Now, for the good stuff! Last night, my ex- and I went out to have dinner at my favorite gay bar/lounge. We met these two boys there (they are 25 & 26). One of them was rather handsome, had a nice smile, a good, bitchy sense of humor, and had the same disdain for clubs that I do. Yay! We spent a couple hours talking with them, and we had a good time. I really dug this guy, but I have NO idea what he thought of me. I mean, usually I can kinda tell, but I couldn't read this guy to save my life!

So what did I do? I used my "trick cards" and gave him my phone number and E-Mail address. :-D He gave me his, as well, and his friend gave me his, too. I'm going to wait until later tonight, and then I'm going to write him and see if I can't get him to go on a date with me. Yay for boys! :)

I'm going to Reno this coming Thursday, so if you are in Reno, or if anybody you know is in Reno, let me know and we'll meet up while I'm down there. Until then, you kids behave yourselves, be nice to others, and be your fabulous selves!



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Bon Voyage!

Have a ton of fun! Also, excellent advice to everyone. I would like to praise you for always posting, constructive, fun, and fabulous things on Oasis. No worries:)
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Well bless your heart, my dear!


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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The Hat?

Are you not takeing the Hat with you to Reno?

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*said in a positive manner and not to be constrewed as negative feedback, sorry

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JB, darling,

how amiss would I be if I didn't take The Hat to Reno with me? Very amiss, that's how amiss. :) You bet I'll be taking The Hat--I'll also be packing many of my most fabulous outfits (including my very sexy, all-black outfit), and I'll be wearing The Hat for all It's worth! I'm expecting a life changing event to happen while I'm in Reno with The Hat, actually. I mean, if It can change my life here at home, I can only wonder what It will do abroad.

Counting down the days,


Some people's kids...I tell ya!