Hettie says: "That's SO gay!" Do you...

tell them off as a homo
28% (18 votes)
say something about it without outing urself
35% (23 votes)
ignore it cos it's a bit awkward
17% (11 votes)
ignore it cos it doesn't matter what they think
11% (7 votes)
ignore it cos it's a losing battle
9% (6 votes)
Total votes: 65


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I have this friend back in th

I have this friend back in the States who used to say "that's gay" all the time, which was strange because he wasn't just some dumb jock - he was an intelligent guy. Every time people criticized him for doing that he would just pass it off, saying something like "I don't care if that makes me look stupid," or "I can say whatever I want to;" it was like when those Rush Limbaughoids out there think their "political incorrectness" is somehow challenging societal repression and defending freedom of expression.

I also have some very fond memories of this same friend having a very pseudo-intellectual debate about homosexuality with an equally homophobic individual. They were exhibiting homophobia of one of the worst varieties: instead of just openly saying "Yeah man, ah fuckin' hate dem faggits, dey all a-gonna burn in hellfahr 'n damnayshin," they tried to wrap their prejudice up in the disguise of philosophy, thinking they were engaged in some kind of "reasoned debate," when all they were doing was puking out sugar-coated hatred.

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This never fails to remind me of a joke from the simpsons. After Nelson kisses Lisa, his freinds, with shocked looks on there faces, respond with, "you kissed a GIRL? That's SO Gay."

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The Simpsons

That's what I always liked about The Simpsons: great satire. I heard somewhere that Matt Groening is gay - is that true?

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Nope, at least I assume he is not, he has at least two kids.
However, before doing the Simpsons he had a comic strip called "Life in Hell" its protagonists were two identicle be-fezzed Gay Lovers with big noses. They spent most of there time sitting in front of the TV or playing vindictive tricks on each other. Also staring in the strip was a family of rabits. The young adolecent rabit was missing an ear. But you should check it out sometime "LIFE IN HELL"

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Akbar & Jeff

the name of the strip was Akbar & Jeff, I still have about 100 strips of it cut out and saved.

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I had a friend who had a book

I had a friend who had a book of "Life in Hell" comic strips. My favorite one was the one where Akbar and Jeff are talking about how they would desecrate each other's graves if one of them died.

In addition to "Life in Hell," there's often a lot of homoeroticism in The Simpsons, from Smithers' crush on Mr. Burns to one episode where that old man with the long beard and false leg hits on Grampa Simpson after mistaking him for a woman (Grampa is wearing make-up). Maybe Groening's bi?

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but but but

There's NOTHING wrong with the latest in black hole theory

And i know how to dress , but that's probably my gay genes.

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It varies

I used to be really gung-ho about this topic, so much so that my friends would call me the Homo Nazi, I shit you not. Most of my homies know better than to use such language around me now, so it doesn't come up as frequently as it used to. My response to words like that has mellowed considerably over the years; I still call people out on it, but I also realize that it doesn't always mean that the speaker is a hopeless homophobe in need of a sensitivity seminar. It does, however, speak volumes about the American English language that we use these words so often and flippantly, which is the tactic I try and use in conversation, because it works better than just calling someone ignorant. F'rinstance, we use the phrase "cotton-picking" all the time (well, I don't, but a lot of people do) without considering that it's a pretty racist thing to say. Or consider the enormous number of variations on "Jew" or "Jewish." I don't think it's so much an indicator of bigotry (although to be sure, sometimes it is) as a sign of our linguistic unimaginativeness. Like people who feel the need to fuckin' swear three goddamn times in every fuckin' sentance. Shit.

Sorry if this is a little rambling and unintelligable, but it's 7a, and I'm not at my best.

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