I am back......yah.....delightful isnt it?(that was sarcasm)....

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So I havent blogged in a long long LONG time. ::shrugs:: It happens. Uh, lets see......Lena showed up at my house the other night. That was humorous. She walked in and I was already in my pjs and she was like "awwwe how cute, your like drowning in that shirt" cause I was wearing pj pants and a big t-shirt. I believe I growled at her. I dunno I was half asleep. We watched a movie, then she left.
Spent the weekend at my dad's. Thats always interesting. Hes wicked old fashioned in every way which can be funny sometimes. But a whole weekend with just my brother and father can not be healthy.
I gotta jet, being yelled at for something I undoubtedly didnt do.....the story of my friggin' life. Cya.
Alright. I am back. This fucking sucks. I place my trust in someone and they turn around and label me? Tell someone something private that they had no right to talk about???? What the hell!!!!!! Who the fuck do they think they are????????? It was up to me to decide who to tell and now someone I didnt intend to tell knows. And its someone who will tell everyone else. Perfect. Great way to improve my god damn hell hole of a life! And they turn around and make it out to be poor them, screwing up, mislead, whatever the hell they are.....No there is no excuse. This hurt me more than anything else they could have done. I have a hard enough time trusting people. This just tops it off. Thank you. I hate this world....Gotta go relieve some stress....Yes you know what that means....Fun fun fun.


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Yes, what I did was wrong and

Yes, what I did was wrong and you have every excuse to be upset, but its not as if we hadn't just had the day of silence, or as if I went around whispering it to everyone. She asked me specifically if you were gay in any form. I am not trying to take the blame away from myself and I never tried to make it into poor me. I answered her question and told her to talk to you if she wanted more information than that. She isn't going to tell the world, and plenty of people have guessed hon, sorry to say it, but thats life. People guess things. I didn't label you either, hells, I hate it when people do that, why would I do that? I answered her question, she asked if you were gay, I said yes. I am not going to try to defend myself more than this, because yes, I did fuck up. Don't cut over me, lisa, I'm not worth it.

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