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I have a little time before my lunch is ready, so I thought I'd drop by Oasis and tell of a little situation that's been going on at work.

To protect all parties involved, we'll do a little name-changing. His name is James. He just starting working about a week ago. He's the type of boy I always fall for: he has a very handsome face, he's very friendly, and he has a nice slender build, with some pretty sexy arms. :-P

And you guessed it: he's straight.

But he's SO fucking adorable, how could I not help myself from drooling all over him when I see the boy? He's quite aware that I'm gay, and really doesn't seem to mind. Poor kid, he's so clueless that I'm constantly hitting on him, too. *lol* Oh, what a wonderful old troll I'll make in 30 years!

So yeah, that's about what's goin' on so far. When he's my busser (for those of you who don't remember, I'm a waiter), I'll be sure and tip him extra nicely. ;) Thus far, I only tip out one busser more than I should (because he's so damned hot, too); it appears that that number may be changing in the work shifts to come!

Ok, lunch is ready--see you kids later!


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I say wear the Hat next time you go in!

Vice President and Drug Tzar of The Movement To Free Ommpa loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates

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So, Jazzer, who typically goes for older guys with money, is subconsciously recreating a pattern where he can be the one doling out monetary rewards to someone with less seniority (aka younger) within the company.

What would Freud say?

I am Willy Wonka.

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Freud would say




Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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i'm losing track of all ur boys and men... help! oh dear lord you're cute! best of luck with your most current! ;-P