I quitish.

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So, it's not worth trying to get Kinkerz. It'll be too difficult, and if I do, it'll end miserably, like usual. So I quit. I'm just gonna hook-up. Easier. Not in a slutty way either. Just pick someone clean whom I enjoy the company of. At this point, I just wanna be happy with someone. I'm tired of not being happy with someone, or being happy without someone. It's just plain unbecoming anymore. And I have an opening date for my musical in the school It's sorta orgasmitastical. June 5th. Exciting. And Aldo invited me to his house. Wow. For his birthday party. Shnickens. That's hell freezing over territory. And so, yeah. And Emily's was odd. And Em and Dan were warring. I do think he's gay still btw. But that's not the point. And Laur is all pensive all the time. I feel so "ugh" for her. I can't get too specifc cause this is readable territory by friends. But oh well. Done.