I'm the 'other woman' !

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I'm meeting up with the boy from this weekend for sex coffee. I am really excited about all the "possibilities".

Well, I suppose I should fill in the details of the evening a tad more. Arrived at about 8 pm, after party started at 2pm. I was sleeping off the excesses of the night before.. which involved a lot of oasis hacking. Picked up a friend , went to party .. proceeded to ingest a hand full of happy pills, and track down some non-descript white powder and some hallucinogens of various shapes and sizes (and pretty pretty pulsating colours.)

During the evening I was dancing and me and one of the only other people at the party who could move as gracefully as me (i'm gay .. and i know how to shake my ass. *g*), we bonded on the dancefloor at first. When i later went outside to grab some fresh air, he was lying on one of the picnic blankets outside. So i went to go chat to him, we proceeded to have a 2 hour conversation on topics as diverse as coming out of the closet, what we do for a living ( he is a sales rep for armani fragrances ) , our relationships with our fathers (similiar), where we grew up (both from the same hometown) etc. Yeah , I suppose the drugs helped... butwe did turn out to be a lot more 'compatible' than i would have thought.

It was starting to get chilly and everyone sitting outside started cuddling up together in a huge pile of bodies. It was somehow during this that i ended up (by his gestures/request) lying between his legs with my head resting on his and his feet between my arms (i could draw pictures. but it would get 'obscene' at some point). His erection ofcourse grew in size , and the throbbing member pressing against the back of my skull only proceeded to excite me , which excited him .. thrusting etc. followed. This was all still PG however.

It was at this point someone i knew went to sit behind him with him between his legs. Because I was facing away from said person and couldnt look up without getting my face full of crotch (which i did anyway several times) , I couldnt surmise if the kissing noises i could here were coming from said boy i was making moves on , or any of the other 7 gay guys involved in the 'love pudding' i was part of (god i love house parties g*).

At some point we got up and went dancing again and ended up in the kitchen for some refreshments. So fearless and drugged as i was , I just popped the question. Are 'X' and you together? His reply was "well, we are and we aren't. we decided that we would be better as friends, although we still enjoy spending time together .. wether that be socially or erotically or whatever" , at which point he asked where my boyfriend was , I replied that I had none. To which he said that if he got the chance he would jump for it.To which i smiled slyly , pulled him closer and kissed him. deeply, and for long. His 5 o'clock shadow had me raw by the end of the evening , but GOD do i love a man with stubble.

We proceeded to head off to the one bedroom in the house and get more 'comfortable'.This was however spoiled by one of the tired party goes coming into the room and falling asleep next to us on the bed. Didn't stop us much from heavy petting and necking. At some time during this , his 'boyfriend' got jealous/worried about us dissapearing off together , and managed to track us down in bedroom .. jump on top ofhim, give him a kiss.. and somehow try and get him off the bed and into the living room/dancefloor to see something. After a few times of coming in and calling him, we gave up and walked arms around each other towards the dancefloor area. Thankfully his well shaped buttox hid my ample erection at this point. Ofcourse it didnt do anything about lessening it. But that's ok. =)

Some time after this we slipt off to one of the other rooms together , locked the door , and pulled into each other once more. This was unluckily stopped just as i was unbuckling his belt by his 'boyfriend' who came looking for him. We decided it was best not to fuck up anyones evening so after a nice deep kiss we opened the door and sheepily made our way towards the dancefloor. We continued chatting and (somewhat lighter) petting for the rest of the evening but regularly got stopped by the ever more jealous boyfriend.

I got his phone number, but when i phoned him the afternoon , we both decided it was too long a night and that we had to get some sleep in sooner or later. Sooner being preferable. Shortly before 12pm he phoned me, and we organized a coffee date with him intoning , 'sure ,and then we can decide where we want to end up afterwards' , to which ofcourse i replied 'yes, i do like the sound of that.'.

So .. the midweek comedown from all the happy pills might not be so unpleasant after all. Still wish i had 5htp to replenish my wasted seratonin though *efg*

*update* the date has been moved from tomorrow night until .. right about now. wish me luck. and i will play safe *knowing grin*


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I think I'm back

Before oasis died i was known for my drug orgies and never ending stream of boys. yay.

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Yep, hon, this is the Adrian

Yep, hon, this is the Adrian I remember, lol! And I think you are rubbing off on me... I used to be such a good girl... hehe

~dragon fairy~