late at night when all the world is sleeping...

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late at night when all the world is sleeping i stay awake and think of you -selena

so vacation started today, that also meant terra left for italy. i was so hard. she is like my entire world, there hasn't been one day that i havn't talked to her since i met her, and only one day i didn't see her for atleast a little while. and now i have to go for 10 days without talking to her or seeing her..

she is so cute. she sent me 10 e-mails, one to read for each day she is gone, and i'm only allowed to read one a atleast i have those.

mom is out, drinking of course. it really does bother me that she drinks so often. we have a meeting with DSS tomorrow, but mom is going to be there too, and i do not know what they expect me to do, because i'm not about togo say all this shit in front of my mother..i love her..i just think she needs help..serious help. so does everyone else.

god i miss terra so much already. i don't know how i'm going to make it. this will be good for us though i guess. because soon she will be in college and i'll still be here...and so i have to get used to it sometime.

otherwise i didn't do much today. sat around and slept. actually there was school although no one went...i didn't go because my throat hurt..and it gave me a chance to have lunch with terra before she left...but i did go drop off some stuff for my scholarship and the canned goods for extra credit. i really should have gone to school though. i found out the test in chem...that anyone who took it any points they got correct was extra credit..and callahans vocab test was ORAL and you only had to answer one question IN A GROUP...i could have really used those good grades to add into my average...grar. but it was worth lunch with my baby before she left...9 DAYS TILL SHE'S BACK..the countdown begins.

alrighy, im heading to bed, goodnight all.


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coz im dreaming of u tonight

coz im dreaming of u tonight and tommorow i'll be holding you tight and theres nowhere else that i'd rather be then here in your arms dreaming of you and me...lalala.