Momma's off to Reno!

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Yes indeed, she is, kids. Although I'm not *quite* old enough to gamble, I still think I'll have a fabulous time. I found someone that said he'd be willing to show me around Reno a little bit, so that should be fun. :-D I wrote him last night confirming our plans and stuff, so I'm just waiting to hear back from him.

That means I won't be around for a little while (until Sunday evening), so you all best behave yourselves, lest Momma unleashes her wrath upon those who choose not to behave. *lol* ;) If any of you are in Reno, well hell, let me know! I've only met two other Oasis-type people, and I'd be happy to meet more. I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning, so that means it's a long night packing and such tonight--on top of going to work after school.

Wish me luck in whatever antics I decide to pursue down there, and I'll see ya when I get back!