My play. My awful musical. Kill me.

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So I wrote a musical for my class to perform. And now it'll be performed after school, at a night of one-act shows. And I'm so nervous because I wrote in a gay character, and the reaction might not be a good one. I don't know. I kept the language down to a minimum, I'm just afraid of the reaction of the character being gay. It's been obnoxious writing this mindless drivel. But, dare I say, it's done. Well, technically, I'm reworking one more scene. It's right after the character, who isn't a major, major character is outed. It's hard to do without drawing too much attention to me. I'll write more after my two splendid hours of volleyball.


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Good luck!

I hope it goes well for you. I'm sure ppl won't immediately think "oh, there's a gay character; the author must be gay" - unless they're thick - I mean, most of your characters are straight, but you're not! ;-)


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your play sounds cool. care to go into the plot etc?
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