My Spring Break.......

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Well, Spring Break started out on saturday with Youth Pride Day in D.C. I went with three friends and meet a few people I knew, and a few new people. It was pretty fun, there was a lot of great music, a pretty decent Drag King show, and a ton of free condoms and dental danm.

The rest of the week up until now has been completly devoted to preparing for the passover seder. I cooked, cooked, cooked and cooked. I love cooking, I'm an aspiring culinary artist and in a few short years I'll be off to culinary school where I'll be able to cook 24-7. But I'm still glad it's over and I have today and the next three days to my self.

Tomarrow, I am going to the Dar Williams concert here in D.C. I can in no possible way express my excitment for tomarrow. I adore Dar Williams, and I am sure that the concert will be amazing, and I'll get to spend the whole time with my closest friends in the world!

Hmmmmmmmm, I guess that this is all for now. Just an update from Zoey over here in Washington D.C.