My three days of being a "strait" boy

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Well, I just can't seem to get this interesting time out of my head, so I suppose I'll share it with everyone. I used to be strait. I was strait for a grand total of three days. This was during my freshman year in high school. Before then, I had already figured out I was gay, but then my "strait phase" took me by surprise. I remember that before the phase happened, I looked at guys in my class and though, "hmmm, he's really cute...". Then it happened, I had a crush on a girl! She sat to the right of me and up one in my english class. One day, I glanced over that direction and, Ping! I thought, "god, she has nice legs". I went on thinking that for the next three days, how hot she was. On the fourth day, I looked over that way, expecting to get the same thrill, and something was different. I thought, "god, her legs are ugly". I lost interest. Then, Ping! I saw all the guys in the class and though, "hey, they're cute..."



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sorta a gay thang.

hey ho. umm this whole thinkign the girl was hot. you didn't say you were attracted. if you weren't then it's just admiring someone's look not really a strait phase. it's sorta the whole diva/gay icon thing that happens. i dunno i'm probably wrong but if those thoughts weren't sexual then i wouldn't worry.
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Its straight.

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The Feeling

Hey i know the happens

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me too

i had the same thing happen between me and this girl i met in peru...problem: we didn't speak the same language... oh well. i got gay again! good to know other guys had that too though!