New <3

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Well Hello there..I'm new..or you could say that...I had a journal thing on here FOREVER ago before the site crashed...but then life got crazy and yeah..anyways heres a little info about myself.

name- gabrielle, most people call me gabbie
age- 16
location- massachusetts
stats- in love my girl terra...been with her since 2/1/03..shes the most amazing person on the face of this earth and i love her more then anything!
sexuality- bisexual
aim- kinda weary to post this in fear of someone finding my page..but if you really wanna know just ask*
music- i love just about everything...dave matthews, fiona apple, sarah mclaughlin, dashboard, natalie imbruglia, something corperate, nas, 50 cent, ben kweller, jason mraz...EVERYTHING.

thats about all for my intro. i'm going to write an actual entry in a few...