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now JB...

Think about whether blogging or commenting too much is the issue at hand.

Kudos to you for blogging all the time. Don't limit or constrain yourself on the number of posts. You make conversation and bantering good. And if people think that you blog too much then that should encourage them to blog more in order to rectify what they deem to be an imbalance.

And you *cannot* retire the word of the day thread. Especially since I believe that you were on the cusp of finally getting to some good and solid vaginal terminology ;).

You have a place here, like everyone else, JB. Don't forget that.


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I agree with Hol, probably more the commenting than the blogging that historically gets you in this situation. Even further, commenting on other people's blogs.

Like I said, if people like greling post things to the forum, it is a call for debate, so that's all fine. But blog entries are personal, and tantamount to posting a comment on their own website (even if for right now there are no sites, per se). So, I think it is just not treating blogs like the forum.

All of this goes back to Oasis Classic, the old monthly. Once, there was a user who sent in a one verse poem. As I typicaly dislike angsty teen poetry to begin with, that was a blessing, since it was short. I didn't think much of it, again the poetry bias, so I just post it to the site and not think twice about it. Over the next month, this person just knowing that they got published on a gay site gave them the courage to come out to people in their lives. In that month.

So, on one hand, it was amazing to think that posting four lines of poetry could matter to anyone like that and have such a real-world impact. On the other, it made me paranoid to never not publish anything. :-)

But, let's consider that the poem really wasn't good. And any of us replied that the poem wasn't that good because now we have the ability to comment on the site. I just think that would deeply affect someone like that and not bring about the same change.

Also, I think someone who does write poetry regularly on here would see that no one replied to this boy's post and write something maybe not saying how great their poem was, but encouraging of them for sharing it nonetheless. And I do think there is merit to thanking people for sharing their lives on here on a regular basis.

That is the difference I'm referring to.

It is also why when I do post things that are a little over-the-top to eTgen and others, it is because I know from talking to him on here and AIM that he just needs a push. But I don't push the ones I'm not sure of.

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You're not...

You're not talking about one of my poems, are you? I was writing under Jonathon Franklin at the time...You can be honest if it was, I don't really think my poetry from that era was very good either :-P

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I honestly couldn't say...

but like I said, I tend to dislike most poetry. In fact, if someone hasn't been dead 100+ years, odds are against me liking it.

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I think if people are sick of reading what you write, then they can damn well not read it. My $0.02...

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Your pride causes you misinterpret me, JB

The nature of peer groups is that some members stand out. They become the leaders, the representives, of the peer group. In the case of Oasis, the ones who blog and comment the most are those that become the leaders. This is a perfectly normal thing based in millenia of human social interaction. The downside to being a leader is that your words can carry power and can seem to represent the feelings of the majority (Just look at the power the opinions of celebrities and gov't officials have.). In your case, you made sarcastic/joking comments without making it obvious you were joking. This made the comments come across as mean, although it wasn't intended as such.

I never meant to imply you post too much. That's your perogative. I'm not a blogger-type, so I read alot more than I post, you seem to be the opposite. I was simply trying to get you to swallow your pride and realize that you have some fault in all this due to not showing the humor you implied in the comments.

You also seem to forget that I stated that I am an advocate of free speech. You are free to post as much as you want and to say what you want. All I ask, and this is to everyone, is that you keep in mind that text lacks the nuances of speech that allow for sarcasm without extra work. I feel that a simple ":P" or such at the end of JB's "anti-bi" comments could have prevented alot of strife by making it obvious the comments were in jest. I've tried to explain this to you without being chastising or vengeful, writing with no attitude intended, except when my patientce with your emotions wore thin.

It's sad that I can see politics(not the gov't variety) forming in a group based in writing and support. When I start seeing situations where the words of Machiavelli could be used to describe relations with other "Oasians," I am dismayed. Perhaps I shall leave, not only because of the politics but because of my lack of involvement. I am naturally distanced from the mainstream gay community due to my personality and interests, so I have trouble fitting in to even online communities and staying involved in them. So JB, take heart. I, the one who's conflicted with you a few times now, could be leaving you to your peace.

Corvus, the eternal devil's advocate.

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I do have to agree posting al

I do have to agree posting alot does create a hierarchy here. The more people know your name, the higher you are, so to speak. This is a community that depends on the comments of other people. Lurking won't get your name out there or get you communicating with

Furthermore, this is simply text. Before getting offended, it's probably easier to step back and re-read the offending blog or comments. In the internet, we do not have the privelage of body language and tone.

Use the preview button. Read what you're saying. Make sure you understand what you're replying to.

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