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Hog's Back/with two girls and an ape-ish looking man

Across a waterfall from me,
you are across a waterfall from me.

Wacked Out Whitman:

Portrait of a Bucket Head

There are five balls now. This water is a magic show under a circus tent whose sprinkler system is about to fail and we are on a bench with lawnchair cushions that were almost pillows three old cronies come to watch a bad bicycle helmet date talking about how the stills run deep here and you remind me that ani said the myopia is steep here while she just looks at us closes her eyes says, This high is really cheap, dear. goes on about how converging concurrent thoughts into one sentence leaves a cat having an affair at the office after making an appointment to remember to buy liquor I recognize this sentence is not a sentence and think maybe this was her point she seldom has one but on a good day will make three albeit irrelevant like this morning in the kitchen going on about how nobody knows who mars is to the greeks you ignored her fried by crossword dystopia tangent said something instead about how you don't speed because of what the cops will smell when they pull you over more likely your contempt than a fart of marijuana they take a good part of your wallet if you cross boundaries but there's a girl climbed around the fence to escape the shattering of glass on a hardwood floor head phones blasting diffused teenage angst and watered down moxy across her tympanic membranes as she erases the words her mother used to make her ugly to make her worthless then the bylaw ticket she'll get when the coffee break meter maid notices a body dropping shoes onto rock there's a boy lept over the wall to soak curls like some neandrathal finding worship under sewage ladden water for the first time a hint of the sexualized sacred in the curve of his back as he bends to make a prayer in ritual his hair cleaned of meat maggots and cave damp musk a mildew reminder that the clitoris though not yet in his vocabulary is the part on a woman's body that will make her clench teeth and draw her nails across skin while you make her sacred too.


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Says the run-on sentence quee

Says the run-on sentence queen.

Chief Political Right Hand Woman to Ceo, Founder and First Member of The Movement to Free Oompa Loompa Land from the Tryanicall Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka