Slow, quiet, nice day.

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Well, not much on the homefront today. Just some new home-crap-studio mp3s. First ones in months, but I think they came out nicely. "You Never Liked My Gods Anyway," "Sleep Away The Ink," and "Keraunophobia," worked. Checking them later. And my GSA is getting all slowed down due to my absences. Damnit! I've gotta get back into school tomorrow and talk to Mr. Wing. And I'm just a little sore on people saying I can call, then either having their line busy or not answering. It's just rude. And I'm a little nervous about having that work for Senorita done for the morning. I still don't get that story. Then there's all that vocab, which I can't fucking find. BUT~if I have the other worksheets, I can fake like she didnt give me that one. That's my only shot. And Tribeca is sold out of Howie Day tickets, which deeply saddens me. And Heathre should answer her phone. It hurts my feelings deeply that she doesn't. I'm managing on pretty well I guess. Still haven't any ideas on where to take that song. And I guess I could be a lot down-er than I am. I'm really not too bad off at the moment. I'm going to go to sleep listening to "The String Quartet Tribute To Sarah McLachlan." What an amazing CD. I adore the Tori Amos string tribute as well. I've had trouble sleeping again. Not like I used to where I was too miserable to sleep. More like I just don't want to let go of the day. I'm enjoying living so much more right now then I have in a long while. So for all the bitching I'm doing, that tells us something about my disposition. And I am -patiently- awaiting my friend's lines to unbusy themselves. You know, I very well might be more upset than I am letting myself believe I am. I somehow, in these last few weeks, found a way to fight the unfortunates that plague me. I don't understand it, but I am happy for it. It's not denial. It's the ability to remind myself of the wonderful happenings going on in my life. And granted, Chrix and I haven't practiced the music, it's easy enough for he and I to pull it off. And Lauren and I are practicing on Friday before the show some. As are Jess and I, and as are Allie and I. Which in retrospect, if I plan on going to the hospital to visit Dan, that could be some serious slamming time together. I'll practice with the three of them, while not doing the same songs with each other simultaneously and get through it. I always do. I just hope that holds up. And oddly enough, I have nothing against Mike at the moment. Not that he leaves without putting up an away message, not the vibes I get from him. Nothing. Which doesn't suck. To behonest, I, at the moment, could probably say after the IMing Tommy, I am just letting go of all of this anguish. And all of this hurt. Granted I've sorta lost direction from it. My music was my whole reason for being, and he was my muse. All of the pain kept me going. I sooooo became Roger Chillingworth. Scarlet Letter anyone? For my honors English class. I revel in being in that class. It makes me feel awfully smart. And while it was implied by a certain person who I don't hate anymore, whom I just have far too much history and past experiences with to forget about, that I was not smart enough to be in that class, while I am smarter, but choose to challenge myself less in school since I'm becoming a musician, I don't feel the need to.And while my head has been full of memories of him these twenty-four hours, it's been in a good way. Not missing him. Not longing for him. Just happy it's over. And I have my closure. And my girls. You know, that was the one thing he couldn't ruin for me. My girls. He had no way of getting to them. He didn't have cable. Probably still doesn't. It's The Golden Girls incase anyone was confused. They are amazing. It's the funniest show in history. I adore it so much, with Designing Women and The Nanny in a far second and third places. Well, I'm sorta done typing for now. Just a last note. I love Stiv! He's rather funny. I have absolutely no romantic interest in him, at least I don't realize feelings for him. I hope I don't secretly have feelings for him. Lol. Cause I hate when that happens! But make me good friends for long enough with a guy and I fuck it up. Except for Aldo and Chrix. Oh well. I love you guys. I was talking to someone from Oasis yesterday, and it was so nice to know I wasnt the only person who finds Oasis to be an amazing community of warmth and love. Muah my homo and lezzy friends! Lmao. You guys get what I mean. Love you guys. And so I guess, not much on the homefront.