So I make my choices. I sleep in my bed. It's sorta that simple.

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I make my choices. They are mine. And I'm starting to realize I see in Mike exactly what I wrote about in Supernova Blown. For those that know that song, wow. It's difficult to not try and save someone who you see is where you were and had to save yourself from. Good friends though, I have. Chrixina, Heathre, Jen, Jessm. Good stuff. Yeah. Good stuff. Sorta crying, just under the weight of it all. I'm swimming in a good ole' fashion sea of emptiness. Sorta sad. Listening to Shea Seger. It's amazing stuff. Currently, "Always," the duet with Ron Sexsmith is ending and "Twisted (Never Again)" is playing. It's such amazing stoner music. It's really relaxing and delicate feeling. I'm probably going to go to sleep listening to Mandalay's "Instinct." Yes, the inferior of the two CD's. But then again, there is the super B-side collection I made. Cause I own them all. Lol. I love Mandalay a little too much. But they comfort me. And what fucking nice people. It's so nice to know talented people don't suck. They are soo brilliant. I'll just put(copy these down and download them folks-believe me, they are worth it) "Flowers Bloom" "Safer Now" and "This Life". Well, I'm done. I'm so tired. Be back for a new posting tomorrow. I'll have more wonderful information for my wonderful readers then.It's really amazing that I have devoted readers. It kinda cracks me up. Cause I never thought I was interesting to total strangers. Pretty cool. I'm gone.