So, yeah. It was one of those days.

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So, that antispecial someone who decided it was his life's goal to piss me off and make me miserable in theatre class returned today. I found out he had been hospitialized. After I did the spell to humble him and make him less evil towards me and more understanding, he went in and needed gastrointerological surgery. Specifically to remove gaulstones. So now I feel bad. Oh well. More update later tonight after practicing with Jessm.


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i gotta get me a darn spell book!
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kadienblues's picture don't need a spell b don't need a spell book. Most often, in many of mine and I know other's experiences, the most powerful spells are the ones you put the time into writing. :0)

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i guess

i guess it just proves it took a lot of gall for him to bother u so much. maybe now he won't. hardeeharhar.

Now I've replied to one of your posts.

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