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Happy Sunday!

It's been since Thursday since I wrote something, so I thought it was high time to let you in on the latest drama.

On Friday, I went to work and was invited afterwards to go to a friend's house. Now this friend is the one that I had a crush on just recently (he's one of the guys in the chorus). For the most part, I'm over him now, and so I thought it was an OK thing to go over.

There were a few of our mutual friends at his house when I got there, and there were also a few people I didn't know. Soon, the people that I knew left, because they'd been there for quite some time when I arrived. But it was all right, because "Fred" was talking with me and paying attention to me and making sure that I was being entertained, which I thought was nice. He was a little drunk, and you could tell that he was pretty horny too. But, I didn't do anything with him (even though I kinda wanted to).

Soon, it was around 3:00 a.m., and everybody was starting to pass out or leave. Originally, Fred had asked me to spend the night, because he knows I have a far drive back to my place. And I WAS planning on staying, but when I saw that there were other people there, I didn't think it would be the prudent thing to do. Actually, something BEFORE that made me think that I should go home: Fred said, "Hey Michael, ________ and _________ and I are going to go upstairs and...well...have a little fun. You're certainly welcome to join." Yeah, they were hot, and yeah, I think it might be kinda fun if I did, but I knew I'd feel like shit afterwards, so I graciously declined.

When I decided to leave, Fred walked me downstairs, and we talked for a minute. When we were done, we hugged, and he gave me a kiss goodnight. Soon, one little innocent kiss turned into...a few more, and before you know it, we were sorta making out right there. :-P It wasn't for too long at all. We were both smiling when we were done. No harm done, everybody's happy. Yay!

* * *

Today, we have lunch. He comes over, I show him around the place, and we go to my favorite little gay cafe. We have a nice lunch, and somehow, we start talking about dating. Not dating EACH OTHER, just dating in general. And before I know it, he's telling me his philosophy on dating.

The basic premise works like this--everybody has the same set of attributes: appearance, personality, money, material posessions, how they treat you, etc. Now, he makes a mental note of all these different categories; a scorecard for he and the other party, if you will. When he's done--ideally--he'll come out "above" the other guy. To him, if he's dating someone and he's "above" them, then that's an ideal relationship situation. If they're about on the same level, then that's "iffy," and if the other guy is way above him, that's not going to work out. He said that having a position of power has always worked out well for him, and he's never been hurt in a relationship.

Picture it: it's a wonderful Sunday afternoon, and I can see the sunshine through the window of the cafe, and here I am, listening to this horrible dating system of his. I was horrified! It also made me wonder if he thought he was "above" me, since he does have a nicer car and more material posessions than I (for the record, we did go on a few dates earlier in the year).

I was speechless. Imagine, ME speechless! It's practically unheard of, and yet, here I was, literally with my mouth open, not the faintest idea of what the next thing I was going to say. In fact, I was *still* waiting for him to say, "Hahaha! Just kidding!"

Instead, he offers, "You got awful quiet." No shit.

Still wanting to keep the peace (I'm SUCH the pacifist), I said, "Oh, well I'm just letting it all process, that's all. Keep in mind, Fred, I'm a simple man..." I said it with a smirk. We finished up, and we went back to my place.

We hung out for a little bit, and before too long, he had to run off. We hugged, and he left. He left my apartment AND he left me feeling like shit. Damn. Way to go, Fred.

* * *

Saturday, I had a very nice concert with the gay band. I invited the whole chorus to come and watch, and a couple of people did. Of course, the director and his husband came, as did one of the baritones. After the concert, we all decided to go out and eat. I didn't really feel like going to the cast party that night. So anyhow, the four of us went to go and eat. As always, I had a wonderful time with the guys, and did a lot of laughing. :) We didn't stay for an obscenely long amount of time, and we left.

* * *

And there you are. What a past couple of days. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the upcoming week. I had a VERY restful Sunday after Fred left, so all is well with the world. I'm going to get up early tomorrow, do homework, do a gig with the band, and then sleep. Yay! As per usual, if any new gossip arises, this'll be the first place I post it, so keep checking for my blogs. In the meantime, you kids behave, and we'll see ya on the next one!