Story from Xtra West April 16/03

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This is war
CAMPUS CHRONICLES COLUMN / My anti-homophobia crusade

story by Michael Harris / Xtra! West Apr 17 2003

Dear Diary; Exam fever is reaching frantic pitch here in Totem rez. Kids flopping down the hallways in pyjamas, mumbling math theorems or reciting obscure passages of poetry. A couple of guys on fourth floor got scurvy from eating nothing but chocolate bars all week.

Jamie jumped out of bed this morning and recited the entire table of elements while pumping out 50 push-ups in his boxers. Watched him dress in the half-light of the morning. He was looking everywhere for socks, in a rush to get to an exam.

Finally he noticed me and stood up, smiling. Put a hand on his hip and gave his pecs a twitch.