Ugh. My break is like half over, and I've gotten nothing done.

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I'm taking a break from my bio term paper, which I sorta got tricked into doing. I ask my teacher if I could do it on the arguement of homosexuality being a genetic preprogramed thing, and mentioned I saw somewhere that some scientists were working on proving or disproving that, and that some were from The Human Genome Project. So, she says, "Well...I don't think so, due to the oral presentation part (Did she think I was going to give head as my oral presentation?). Some students might not be as mature as others. You can do The Human Genome Project itself. Good topic." But no. I didn't want to do The Human Genome Project. But, shitfuckstupid me didn't argue like a cuntrag and now I'm doing a term paper that makes me miserable. But at least my english term paper doesn't suck. It's on the struggles and hardships that help add to the alarming suicide rate of gay teens. Sorta an eye-opener for my class idea. And I went away with Heathre and Jodi for three days ish. We left monday early afternoon which shot that to shit for any other plans that day. So we stayed til Wednesday morning. But then there's that awful tiredness where you haven't quite readjusted, so you're all off. And everything is sorta blah for most of the day and you just wanna rest. And I have to finish The Great Gatsby and answer 90 questions on it. Wah. So I gots me some Tori playing in the background, and I'm relaxing, Glory of the Eighties-stylem, and with any luck, after this term paper today, I'll blog some more, read some Gatsby, and have some fun. Answer the questions tomorrow. Finish up that history work. Then just fucking relax.


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I have to read Gatsby too....the first chapter is a bitch to get through......I am procrastinating...could you tell? =)
~Lisa Faery~