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Ok, something that's been pissing me off lately about people who don't understand the music of Richard Wagner, esp. his operas: YOU DON'T SEE A WAGNER OPERA FOR THE STORYLINE, YOU GO TO MARVEL AT THE HARMONIES--THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF A WAGNER COMPOSITION...THE HARMONY!!!! If anybody tells you differently, they're fucking STUPID and should be flogged.

~end rant~

Blog about my goings on to be posted by the end of the weekend.

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I liked him on General Hospital, but I really never got into his music.

I am Willy Wonka.

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but but but...

What about THE HAT!?

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Re: Wagner

Whilst I am not a Wagnerite, I have to concede your point. The storylines might have been twisted somewhat, and the composer might have been an anti-semitic, egotistical a**hole, he was a good composer. I just happen not to like his music a great deal. Partly to do with the fact I have to play the overture to Act III of Lohengrin in my school orchestra, perhaps?!