What a nice evening.

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Went to a house warming party that I didnt even know was happening until like 3-4 hours before i went.

Was such a great evening, really. Saw a lot of people I hadnt seen in a long time .. bonded with those i see regularly .. and somewhere .. along the line.. managed to consume a barrel full of psychoactive substances of much variety and volume.. ahhh.

So besides all the warm fuzzy feelings, pretty colours and other stuff, i managed to meet someone. I met him at the party, he's tall .. dark .. handsome ... 23.. smart .. well hung (*evil grin*) .. interesting ... and involved. Or atleast partly , or casually involved with another acquaintance of mine (who was also at this party.).

He is also actual boyfriend material , which is something i don't really see often these days. Maybe i am a bit tough on potential suitors, it basically takes quite a bit before i get interested in someone romantically. I'm atleast interested in seeing where this is going, and I might have even more light shed on the subject when i see him later today. Wether or not his boyfriend or non-boyfriend as the case maybe , will be around then .. i cant say.

But i am hoping he isnt. Apart from the obvious fruition of all that sexual energy. Boy O boy has it been painfully painfully 'unconvenient' to have his 'boyfriend' around when we would really like to spend some time by ourselves (*knowing grin*) , plus being in a strangers house etc.

Yeah .. it's gonna be good seeing him later today , and probably again this week .. and hopefully for quite some time after that. (but i am not getting my hopes up, incase they get dashed.)