What would it be like to be The opposite.

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I wonder what it would like to be a man.

If I were male would I still be gay? Cus I do find gay men attractive, but when I have them with thier arm around my shoulder and mine around his waist (cus i'm small and the right height for people to lean against) I don't feel as attracted to them as I did before (maybe if I was a guy it would be different).
If I were male, would I be able to get a girlfriend, would my female friends and more importantly people I fancy go out with me?
Would I find dressing up in drag fun (dresses etc). I've allways wanted to dress up in male drag, but can't and female drag goes unnoticed, partly due to Avril Lavigne (damn her).
If i were male would i find it easier to ask girls out?
If I were male would I have more friends, would people still think i was a freak? Would things that seem trivial now appear to be really important.

If i were male would things really be that different? Or would these problems still exist. In reality they probably would.

Feel free to add comments upon what you think it would be like to be the opposite sex.

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If I were

to be a girl.........I would be straight cuz of men!!!GOtta love em

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Same :) My attractions would

Same :) My attractions would be same if I was a woman, probably even stronger.

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i gotta say i do find gay men

i gotta say i do find gay men attractive. not like, 'oo, your gay, i wanna fuck you', but if i do go for a guy he's always feminine and slightly camp looking. weird huh.

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my rambelings on the subject

i have thought about this before, and i deffinatly think that if I was a guy I would be gay. It's weird... as a girl the idea of being with a guy isn't so exciting for me, but i think if i was a guy it would be different. i cant really explain, but whatever. mabey im more attracted to the idea of being gay than i am to girls........ hmm, all these new ideas are popping into my head. i'll have a lot to think about the next time i zone out in class.

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i often wonder about that too. i'm not sure if i were a guy if i would still be gay. but i do wonder that if i were a guy would i have more gf? not that i really want more cause im quite in love at the moment with a wonderful girl *sigh*...thats also another thing..if i were a guy would i still be in love with this girl? would she love me? would i have the same friends/experiences? there is too much that i would have to give up to find out so im quite happy being a girl! :D

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No offense to the ladies in the house. But I would rather awaken as a large beetle than as a woman.

gotta love Kafka :-P


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No offense taken

because the same could be said for me, only in reverse order, I'd rather wake up as a giant beetle than as a boy.

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some some reason i dont see how i would be different. i guess id pee standing up and thats about it lol. i like being a woman though cuz we have odd powers and never seem to get in trouble like the guys too. hair would be easier... yay short hair. but oh well i like knowing im going to have a baby in me one day and the look on my parents face when they convince me to wear a dress..oh well

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Hmm.... I dunno, I'd be a str

Hmm.... I dunno, I'd be a straight guy I think... The hair is so much easier, granted I have it now... ~dragon fairy~