Who the hell decided.....

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There needed to be a peanut butter flavored jelly bean?!?!?!? What sadistic joke is that?!?!?! Blah. I dont see their purpose, I mean its not like you could substitute them into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Lol. I am so blonde sometimes.....Well anyways! I have been sick for the last four days, yup thats always entertaing.....But that also got me an open invitation to sleep in Chris's arms...::grins::....I know its a guy but you know, he and I got a long really well, and you know shit happens. I am not going to stay away from someone I get along with and like just because I am afraid of people judging me, thats not what its about. So yah. Happy happy!
It is soooo nice outside! I raked for way over an hour, my arms are killing me but I got a bitchin' tan in the process! Hehehehe. Plus my hair is getting lighter. Thats always a good thing.
I better go, my blondeness is showing! Cya later!