A matter of words

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Does anyone know of any word that describes a male fag hag? I actually have several, and was just curious and bored. I know quite a few straight males that are rather flamboyant and have gay friends, and are obcenely fun. This is a stupid thread. Also, if anyone thinks of their own clever name for it, I would love to hear it, as I am FAR too lazy today to be bothered with thinking. No worries:)

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I'm tempted to say "confused."

~Linds :)

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Goddess, I've missed you all!!

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how about fag bastards, hag

how about fag bastards, hag is considered a bad word so, bastard can apply to boys?

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that doesn't rhyme? What's the fun in a non-rhyming title?

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i coined 'hag fag' for gay guys who hang around w lesbians...
as for straight guys who hang out with lesbians, they're generally operating under the misapprehension that lesbians exist to amuse THEM.
um...fag hag guys? the word my gf's university mates use for them is 'strays' (straight + gay)!

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I think...

I think I heard the term "fag stag" used once, but I'm not sure if that's what it was applied to. Either way, it's cute and it rhymes. :-D


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I love it!

WOw! thats perfect! I absolutly adore it! I will come to where you live, and give you an hour long foot rub as soon as I have money, and am 18! No worries:)
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You're on, my dear! I'm sure I could find *some* way to return the favor. :-P~

Anxiously awaiting your 18th,


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I think it's "dyke tyke," isn

I think it's "dyke tyke," isn't it?

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i dont know a name for that but a friend of mine came up w/a term for ppl who you know are gay, but either they dont know it are arnt telling ppl yet----> waiting to happen

descret enough to used in mixed company, yet gets the piont across quite well.


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