A short one (update, that is)

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Hi kids,

Oh my, what a crazy couple of weeks Momma has had!

In case some of you were wondering, no, I did NOT have sexual relations in Reno. Bah.

Tonight, in a few short hours, I'm going to be going on a second date with a boy. We went on one date a while back, but never got together again. We've been chatting and keeping in touch, and tonight, we finally decided to get together. I'm interested to see what happens. :-P

I just got out of the shower, so I'd better get dressed. Sorry I haven't been around to nag, harass, annoy, or otherwise heckle you all; it's just been one crazy thing after another. Things should start slowing down sometime soon--we'll see what I'll be posting about next.

Until we meet again, you kids take care, and behave yourselves, as always.