fancy a blog, luv?

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Ok, if you must know, I am waiting for my peel-off face mask to dry and that's why I'm blogging. Like I always say, I'm not from the bloggers, but there you go. What have I been up to lately? Well...mainly sitting in the park with my friends being all warm and sunny and avoiding the random drunk guys (you get used to it). I'm doing some sketches for a friend for a film festival but I'm not totally impressed with them - they still look too rough and I don't like drawing video equipment when i'm used to film equipment.

My nose is starting to itch but it'll be another 10 minutes before the mask is dry. Argh.

Not thinking about scratching.

Oh, so I've discovered the draw of live mural art. (Pardon that shitty pun.) I had sorta never got up the nerve to do it because I thought I'd panic under the pressure of having to draw something good while people were watching, and what if it's crap etc. But I've been working on this 1 1/2 by 3' board in oil stick and permanent marker and I'll be like...doing it while we're watching tv, and people will be over and comment on it. And it's more fun to work while they're watching, like I've got an audience. I'm still making all of the decisions about what I draw, I just feel like it's not such a solitary process. And for me it is, drawing. I love art but not as much as performing...If I'm acting, or if I see a play of mine performed, I love that immediate audience response. When I'm drawing, I have to have headphones on or something because it gets too quiet. I think better when there's other stuff going on.

My chin is still tacky.

I guess I'm also up here because with the heat, my attic has been too hot during the day and I'm having kind of a cool night moment instead.

It is very satisfying to peel off a mask. There's a parallel to be drawn there and a metaphor to be made, and I could probably put more thought into why I need to perform all the time, but I'm gonna leave that, drink my iced tea and go to bed.

Hope everybody's happy and chilled out n stuff. Summer is here. :)