Four days. That's sad. Sad like the cast of Full House's careers

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Except those damn Olson twins. You just can't kill them. Not sure who's tried though. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Eh whatever.

So Tanner gave me permission to cover "Wish I Were." YAY. I love "Wish I Were." Tanner is a hot hot man who is very very wise. I love Tanner. You listen or I cry.


Lauren. Sweet girl. A little slow tonight. I think she's just preoccupied or something. Or just Laureny.

So I just want to keep you guys updated on Steve. He sucks. Well sorta. It isn't his fault. I told my friend Allie that I was gonna ask him out, she told him, now it's weird, and she might help him get with this boislut in our school. Which doesn't make me do the happysmilies. So I'm not sure if it's even worth it.

And technicalogically challenged people should be removed from my life. I hate explaining computers and modems and all that shit. Ahh Lauren. Kill your soul.

And how about that Charmed season 5 finale? Huh? Crap.

And I'm now uploading the Tori Amos for Fingerstyle Guitar book to the uberTori ftp thing at Hope that's not too illegal.