Gay flicks

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I finally got DSL (Yes, JB, when you send me links, it won't take 5 minutes) and I've been downloading tons of illegal mp3s and avis. So I finally watched "But I'm a Cheerleader".

My feelings on this film? Well, I've been a fan of Clea since the Faculty. I sat through that film for her and was disgusted by the ending of. Straight? With the flower skirt? With that guy?

Although the movie is a drama/comedy, ex-gay ministries are out there. There are places that claim to cure homosexuality. I know of them, I don't know them though.

Come on, West Hollywood is my neck of the woods.

I remeber back some elections in CA. Was it 2999? I think it was 2000 when there was the proposition to ban gay marriage. I remember the ads on TV and in yards. "Protect marriage" "I don't want my kids to grow up and think it's ok to be gay."

And it passed.

San Francisco where the hell were you in that election?

Everyday someone is out with a "Mission from God" and they aren't as cool as the Blues Brothers could ever be.

It's people like these that should have their voting rights revoked and why all of you should be voicing your opinion by voting and/or writing letter, emails, or making calls.

Maybe someday treating homophobia will be a bigger project than treating "us".


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to that. Its not the ex-gay ministries Im worried about, its the 'therapists' that parents can send you to too 'straighten you out'. *shiver*