Imaginary festival

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This thread is aimed to get some of the people who may be too shy to post anything incooperated into the commuinty.

I am going to create and imaginery fesitval and I need your help (bare in mind that this could actaully happen if we can meet all the requirements and have someone with th money to transport all oasians to the same place).
Remember as far as I am concernted this is purely hypothetical, but to find out more about people do not lie about things.

Firstly, does anyone have a huge feild we could use?
Does anyone play in a band? do poi? or know anyone who can etc?
Does anyone have any contacts, such as people in the music business? Anyone who could cover the event or sponsor it?
Is there anyone who has any skills they would like to teach to others?
Any one want to cook? Or do you feel you can do anything else to help?

Anything you want there to be at the festival? Or anything you can add please do.
Or if you just wish to go, please say along with where you live to we can decide where it will be located if we have more than one person sacrifcing thier feild?


Ps - can the people sitting next to me stop saying things like Bristol University is soo gay. If they said Brighton I would understand but there not. (Peace)

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Me can help!

I live on a farm in Vermont and we have lots of big fields that would be perfect.
Kris :)