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"The millions of American male veterans who have returned home from war with broken bodies or minds have been grossly neglected. One in three American men is a veteran. The toll of war and our national neglect of these men has been high. Fifty thousand Vietnam veterans are blind, and 33,000 are paralysed. It is estimated that nearly 100,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide since the end of the war, almost twice the number of men killed in battle [ref. Joel Osler Brende and Erwin Randolph Parson, Vietman Veterans: The Road to Recovery,New York: Plenum Press, 1985, p.75].

"Researchers also estimate that 20 percent of all Vietnam veterans and 60 percent of combat veterans were "psychological casualties". Within the first decade after the war a presidential review found that 400,000 Vietnam veterans were either in prison, on parole, on probation, or awaiting trial. Now 25 percent of the men in prison are Vietnam veterans. Furthermore, on any given night an estimated 271,000 of the nation's veterans are homeless [ref. Arthur Egendor et al. Legacies of Vietnam: Comparative Readjustment of Veterans and Their Peers, Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1981. Also David Gelman, "Treating War's Psychic Wounds" Newsweek, August 29, 1988.].

--- Andrew Kimbrell, The Masculine Mystique: The Politics of Masculinity


I have done a lot of reading in feminism. To most other men, this seems strange. However, I find that Women

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straight white guys can't dance...?

I was talking with my mom (who's an anthropologist) a while back about why there are so many gay and non-White guys (and guys in other cultures) who can dance, sing, and act really well, and there's so much Black music in the West that's so full of emotion and feeling, but straight White guys always seem to be really bad dancers and make really bad music that's devoid of real emotion; so much of the Black music that's been appropriated appropriated by White American musicians like Eminem, Pat Boone, and the pseudo-jazz crooners of the 20s and 30s lacks the deeply felt emotions of Little Richard, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone (RIP), et al.

She was saying that it's because straight White guys come from repressed cultures in which, like you said, they are expected to hide and supress their emotions and hence use music and dance as a way to look cool and/or get laid instead of using them for the purpose of social expression.

Anyway, I liked the post - thanks!

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However, there is very little talk of masculinism or Men

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Greling for prez!

Greling for prez!

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Good topic

I think Men's studies are very important (as important as Women's studies are). It's important to be aware of notions we have regarding ourselves and others (women and men) that are shaped by society. That's the only way we can start to change them, in my opinion.