Let's be bitter for a moment.

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So I figured it's time for me to complain about things as of late:

School just needs to end for the year. I love my teachers and all my classes, but honestly, this is killing me. Typical day for me: I get up at 6:30 a.m., go to school, come home at 3:30 p.m. and get ready for work, and go to work and come back at 11:30 p.m. or midnight. Ack! It's too much for me sometimes!

Work needs to get its act together and quit pissing me off so much.

You know what I'd like to see? One night after work, I'd like to see come cute boy standing at the street corner. I'd go up to him, we'd talk a little, he'd come into the car, and we'd head to my place. I'd give him some money and he'd start "the business." Oh no, we're not talking about sex here, surprisingly. I'd want him to rub my feet. :-P Honestly! They're SO sore after work sometimes that I would gladly pay good money for a 15-minute foot rub.

And something else. You know what would be a TOTAL change from how things have been going? Let's imagine that I meet a boy [a boy I'd like to date, not rub my feet ;) ], whether it be online or IRL. Now let's imagine that we schedule a date. Going along with this fantasty, let's imagine that when I get there, he's on time or (gasp!) early. Suppose we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant. After dessert, the boy picks up the check and pays, without batting an eye. Good gracious, I'd probably collapse from being so shocked!

Every time a boy and I go out to dinner, I always figure on paying for the whole thing (I have a few straight guy tendancies). I never expect a boy to pay, and indeed, they never do. What a wonderful world it would be that if just once, a boy would save up a little money (or spend some he really shouldn't have) on a date as I do. Just once. That would make my night.

You know what would also be nice? I would be so much happier that if everytime I responded to a personal ad, and the boy wasn't interested for whatever reason, he'd just say so, instead of not replying.

I'd be nice if once in a long while, a boy responded to my ad.

Nothing would renew my faith in boys more than if they were good about calling. If someone says, "I'm going to call you at ________" and they never do, it's really fucking depressing sometimes.

Now I know that none of the boys here are like that, because that would be way unlike any of them, because we folks on Oasis are all exceptional people and have MANY more social graces than the average gay people. So make sure we keep it that way.

Boys, if I hear of any of you not returning phone calls, not paying for dinner, or being generally rude, Momma's gonna come and kick some ass. :-P~ So you all behave yourselves.



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If I was...

a guy and in your area, Id respond to your personal ads, But seeing as (last I checked) Im neither of these things, I don't think thats going to help much. :( Sorry.