My Way: An Adieu.

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Bittersweet moment for us all! We're losing a JB, but you're moving on to things better for you. I wish you the best of luck. Now you're more like a guardian angel, watching over us without us knowing. No worries:) (and I really mean that last phrase)
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Despite you and other people never seeing eye, I've allways admired your courage to say things with thoughts to back it up even though you got some critism for it.

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We never really talked, but you've always been a presense here sense I arrived, and its going to be wierd without you. Good luck with all your further journeys, and thanks for all the fun. (even if I was merely an observer.)


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that's all she wrote....

My official statement on departures is that they're all very Corinthians 1 (13:11), in an amusing trendy nomadic cyberspace kind of way.

Other than that, I am fittingly without words. Save perhaps, that while you won't here be making yours, you will be somewhere making them. And that is important.

I have also started a writing project elsewhere in this web.

And it occurs to me that I kind of feel like I've been cheating on this partner that I've had since I was seventeen. Writing elsewhere as adultery. Oasis as wife, Livejournal as mistress. And I stay here because I love my wife, matrimonial loyalty, a community that I made a strange sort of home when I needed that. And I write there because the other woman gives me different things.

My tangent. Because you wanted one.


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*furiously pages through the KJV*

Very fitting and true.


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Not so fast

Wait! *pulls you back* No 2 week notice, no replacement.....? How will Oasis evolve....... :S

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when u stop in for Tea it better be at the diner. Have a good one, buddy.

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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So I sat here and thought of

So I sat here and thought of many things that I could say to you my dear JB, none seemed fitting. Simplicity is the key here I do believe. Goodbye for now. :-)

I only hope Oasis will be able to withstand the loss and still be as respectable as it is now.

p.s Can't tell you how much I love Frank Sinatra

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Thank god you have magnetic poetry now, otherwise I'd be fearful that you'd lose your words...