Now that SATs are out of the way-back to focusing on gigs.

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YAY! Back to my music. I'm ecstatic. Now just to get a good working band together. That's the hardest part. For sure. Because I write hard pieces, slightly difficult for people to play. Well, not slightly, definately too hard. Which is why I usually play solo. I do solo the best. It's easier on my brain. Which runs the risk of exploding. Into lots of pieces. Many. Lots. Many lots. Many lots of pieces.

And then to recording demos. Oye. I'm so poor though. I'll work on that though. Summer job. Fun!

Duncan songs kick the most ass.



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These boots are made for walkin'...

What kind of band, just curious? You said you're writing "pieces," so do you want to start some sort of wind ensemble or a prog rockish band?