So, I do certainly hope the wrong people don't read this.

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Spent the day, after the SATs, which I think I did uberwell on, with Emily. Fun! Until the drama. And then Dan came over. Still fun though. I really like that kid. He's good people. He could do better. So could she. They could both use a good man.

Not that I'm saying anything. He himself has his issues and doubts. And not that I'm saying this matters. Hullo. Fruity here. He's just Tucan Sam. Yeah, that bad. Not that it's bad. I just see how upset he gets with her, and wanna undo it. Cause I care about them both. She needs herself a red blooded heterosexual or bisexual. The dipping in the gay pool just doesn't work.

And there's this bug by my ear, so I went to swat it, hit my ear and now have this awful buzzing. And an echo. I think I'm ear dying. Or at least deaf. Speaking of deaf. Heathre won't answer her phone. Ewwie ewwie eww. Oh well.

Gots me a good playlist going. Madonna-"Gone Gone Gone (Demo)", Ani "Done Wrong" and "Napoleon", "All I Need"-Air, "Running Down the Way Up" by the BTster, and John Mayer's "3x5" and "Back To You". Good shit.

And I think I offended Mike. Not sure. Wish I knew. Maybe he found my blog and I have to kill myself now. Wish wish wish I knew. Cause that'd simplify things. Cause I was complaining about someone who is gay and said "Gay people suck" being my usual offself with weird comments, and he was all "So do you." And now he won't respond to my IMs. So I'm confused. So confused. More confused than the aforementioned Dan.

And I wish someone callable would sign on. And I'm itchy, and ugh. And no one is really online. It's all in the morningish. Do people go to sleep anymore? Why? And I'm pretty much ready to give up on Kinky Steve. It's so much stress and pressure I'm putting on myself that I don't need. And why do this to myself. Cause I'm worth more. I see myself in Feria. By Loreal. Cause I'm worth it.

And remember folks. No means no. Except when it means yes. Cause that can be fun too. And wow. "All I Need" by Air, formerly Air French Band, BRILLIANT. And Running is now on. And I'm bored. And oh well. And some people make with the creepy. Wow, not getting into it but wow.

And fucking bugs fly above. Hate them. Bugs are creepy. And like my sister, I swear, I can hear them. And Heathre. Still not phone answery. Oh well. I'm feeling awfully done.