The Devil and popular conceptions of his purpose.

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Basicly, this is out of a ook I have been searching for. I have no title...I have no author. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.

Our convention of the devil is that he is a fallen angel. One of God's best who was cast out of heaven into hell. However, there is a different theory I find quite interesting.

God created the angels in different colors, Gabriel in a blue, Michael in a red, and Lucifer was a beautiful black like a stallion. Lucifer was the closest to God, and loved Him very much.

God created the earth, and Lucifer came to God and asked him how he could love these creatures, humans. God replied he made them in his image and loved them. Lucifer pressed on wondering how, when the didn't love him back, sinned against him and one another. He said they were not worthy of God's love.

He felt so strongly about it, he went about to prove to God that his love was too much for the undeserving humans and that is what hell really is. Lucifer proving to God we are unworthy, because he loved Him so much.

Gives a new spin on why a Christian should avoid sin.

I do believe this idea came out of the book of Job in which Lucifer comes to God about Job, and challenges him to prove this man really did love him. This is why God sets out to take everthing away from him to show that Job did love him back.

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Memnoch the Devil

Anne Rice , Memnoch the Devil.. book 5 of the Vampire Chronicles.

Also .. Lucifer in Sandman (i want the lucifer miniseries'!)

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From what I understand the satan charactor was not distincly "evil" until around the time of the Babolonian Captivity. Before this he accted as an "accuser" we would show to God the sins of man and suggest punishment. He would also tempt humans in order to seperate the strong of faith from the weak. The concept of an evil devil that fights against God seems to have been injected into the Jewish tradition via Zoroastrianism.

At least this is one possible scenario

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Brilliant. Someone has been doing their studying. I just KNEW Zoroastrianism was going to come up at some point.

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At the age of twelve...

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Brilliant. Somebody has been doing their studying. I just knew that testicles were going to come up in this discussion of Satan.



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(Sorry, just couldn't resist).