Women and Men Survey.

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1.Which concept from real life (work, school, friends, etc.)has changed how you look at women and men?
2.Are there any theories or combination of theories that make the most sense to you as an explanation of how masculine and feminine roles occur? How have you come to this conclusion?
3.Examples and personal observations of the above.

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i think were taught those sort of roles from day one, look at the way parents decorate a babys room most of the time "pink for girls, blue for boys" its one of those ideas that are deeply rooted in our society... the other day we had to do an activity where shed read off things like french poodle, bulldog and we had to write weather (sorry i cant spell) we thought they were masc. or fem...and they couldnt be put into both catagorys they had to be one in each...its sort of an idea thats drilled into our brains or we pick it up through everyday things...

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The biggest influence in my g

The biggest influence in my gender role construction has been my mother. In fact, shes the biggest influence concerning any views that I hold really. Not to say that I'm a lemming and whatever she says I believe, just that her views, very often, shape and reflect my own. Although she is alot less judgemental than myself. Anyway back to the subject at hand. Regarding masculine and feminine roles, I've always been taught that no matter what sex a person is, being masculine or feminine comes from being and acting how you're most comfortable. And that its ok to be who you're most comfortable being. As far as gender theories, only one theroy that I have come across has been exemplified to me, and thats Freud's oedipus complex theory. Perhaps not to the extreme that Freud goes, but I have witnessed some of the aspects that are included in the theory.

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Of course my parents have had

Of course my parents have had a huge role in my view of gender roles, but I think that society has helped a bit, as well as the camp I spend my summers at. My parents are extremly libral open people and have always let me do whatever I want (I mean, violence, saftey and money were always and issue, of course.) Many of my friends were never so lucky though, and I always saw the girls on TV playing with dolls and such, so Im sure that these things influenced me some.
As for camp, I started attending a labor-zionist(socialism + zionism= labor zionism), leftist camp a few years ago. It was at this camp that I first started questioning gender roles and steryotypes, I stopped shaving, and I learned much of what I currently know about the femenist movement.
After all of this, I think that I have turned out to be what I want to be. I have slipped between societies defenition of "femeninity", and the libral-hippy-tomboy-femenist extreme. I was unhappy with both. I have rejected much of societie's standards, ei- my not shaving, and my dreaded hair, but I genuinly enjoy a lot of very "girly" things, ie- knitting, sewing myself funky skirts, cooking and baking.