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Alright, so what's say we have a hypothetical situation chat. Here's the hypothetical situation:
Friend Chrix, like a brother to me, I adore him, and in a nonsexual way. He's just Chrix. Though many would gladly kill him for being difficult and managing to make every party, and every hang out about himself. Well, he goes to a private school with some of our friends while us poor folk go to public school. He was invited to our prom by a friend, cause we want the entire group there. Not too hard to understand why. Big event. Fun for all if all would go.

Well, he said he'd sooner die than go. Ewww. So he refuses to go to prom. Now, after prom, we're having the after prom party. We're going bowling, then most are sleeping over Em's. He seems to think there is no reason he can't go. He just expects to go. Now, here's a question.

Should the person who said prom=shit be allowed to go to the prom party? I myself wonder about this. He's one of my best friends. But I don't feel it's right. I'd want him there. But I know I wouldn't let someone else get away with it, so I know I can't convince myself he should be allowed to. He's the only person in the group not going, and optionally, cause people offered to pay, not that I think it'd have been a problem.


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maybe he's morally opposed to ur prom. i'd probably want to do what he's doing - i'd love to get away with not having to shell out for the ugly mofo dress corsage thang etc. and just go to the beach house and get drunk. :) cuts out the middle man.

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i think you should let him go to the after prom party. You should respect that he doesn't want to go to the prom because as far as i can make put it's nothing personal. He's entiltled to his own beliefs.