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My Buddy List has vanished, it has caused a great deal of discomfort in my little virtual life. Can somebody help me retrieve my AOL Buddy List, please?


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It happens to elverybody, if

It happens to elverybody, if it disapears it should come back. I wouldnt worry about it much. If somebody pu rposely removed em from your computer then thats bad. Dunno how i can help you with that except that they can message you and you could save them again .

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I have had people message me,

I have had people message me, but I cannot add them, since it says I've exceeded my limit (135). I can't delete anyone, because my buddylist is down to zero.


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That happened to me for a whi

That happened to me for a while, but after I cleaned out a lot of crap on my computer my buddy list came back from wherever they vacation. You could try going to "Windows" (I think) at the top of your screen and click on Buddy List. Just a thought. LoL.

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Stupid AOL

Is it that you can't get the buddy list window to come up or that your buddy list says that there are no people on it? either way, I'm not sure how to help you...but sorta on the same note(that is, AOL SUCKS!!!!) I've been having a problem with Instant Messenger also. It's really (sort of) signs me off without my permission. If I don't talk to anyone for some amount of time (more than a minute or two), anything I say won't be sent, and anything anyone says to me also isn't sent; I'm not able to look at people's profile (it tells me "Please Wait . . ." indefinately); and eventually, it actually signs me off. The only way I've found to be able to get back online is to, first, check someone's profile (just to make sure I'm not "online"), and then sign off and back on again. It's really strange and annoying and stuff...if anyone has any idea what's going on and/or how to fix this, it'd be greatly appreciated!