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Hi kids,

Since I have nothing better to write (or brag) about, I thought I'd tell you about my night at work last night.

I was kinda looking forward to last night, just because it's a Saturday, and I wanted to make lots of money (for those of you who've forgotten, I'm a waiter). When I got to work, there was a little mix-up in the assigning of sections, and I got what I like to call the "Big Girl" section of the restaurant. Basically what makes it the "Big Girl" section is that the senior servers get that section and split it 3 ways. As a result of the mix-up, I got one of the 3 sections, and I was very excited about it (since there are LOTS of people that have been there longer than I, I don't get that section a lot).

Anyhow, it was a happenin' night the entire time! I hardly had a moment to breathe. It's also the "Big Girls" section because it's also the busiest and most demanding. I won't lie and say that it didn't push my abilities to the limit, because it did. But damn, when the night was over, I walked away with 116 dollars in my little pockets, and that's very cool. :) I worked a 6-hour shift last night @ minimum wage (in Oregon it's 6.90/hr), so when added all together, before taxes, Momma grossed about 26.23/hr that night. Not bad for a college student. :-P Yay for money!

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to spend it on stuff I need as opposed to stuff I'd like to spend it on. :- Rent, food, that sort of thing. Meh. Anyhow, you kids behave yourselves, and I'll update you on if I find a boy to rub my feet or not. *giggle*