Gay Siblings

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So I believe we have covered this in the past in forums/polls.. but I just came upon the most curious story. It involves the author coming out, then ten years later his mother comes out to him.. and then a large part of his family tumbles out of the closet.

Now I am not one to go into the nature vs nurture argument , but this is a rather amazing tail. I know some of my siblings have experimented (with the dark side.. muhahaha) .. i think it just happens to be because as a family , we are more open minded about things than most.

Also , Gay Siblings ... and no .. i am not talking about incest/the brewer twins. What I am talking about is having a gay brother/sister. I think it would work for me to have a gay brother , up until the point we went after the same guy.

Then the wheels would fall off and the claws come out. =).

(in closing.. i really like

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My younger brother is gay.

My younger brother is gay.

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Well I guess this doesn't exactly count...

My mother is gay. She isn't fully accepting. More like an ever present pressure. She pushes me into things and wants me to be a model example of god knows what. But the second I do anything ANYTHING that she would consider a "straight tendency" she goes into an almost silent treatment mode...Yah...She has her supportive side and then her I-am-a-crazed-over-supportive-mother-creature-who-could-freak-at-any-moment type of side. So I suppose it works both ways....
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... has always intrigued me. i have no siblings but i know two gay girls that have gay/bi sisters. i have a gay cousin - does that count for anything? otherwise it's just me and my parents and they're straight straight straight. *shrug* anyway, this intrigues me.

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i should mention

I have a sister who is a 'reformed lesbian' living with her 'ex-gay' boyfriend.

I still remember them trying to convince me to turn away from my evil ways. The sad part is that they are fucking nuts. She is a raging alcoholic suffering from frequent bouts of paranoid hysteria.

The more sad part is that the above 2 things are not all that uncommon in my family. (and which is why i dont drink).

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One of my friend's mom is a l

One of my friend's mom is a lesbian and his dad is gay. This wasn't a planned family thing either, his parents split up when he was young and came out in his teens. I think he's really lucky, his parents will be understanding of ANYTHING he does now.

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