Gayness and geography essay

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We have been given a geography essay, which will be set some time in the future, but we have to find out information now and decide on a essay title from a list. As this will probably be my only chance to learn stuff about homosexualty in school I have thought about doing one inwhich I may be able to incoperate homosexuality along with stuff about race and gender etc.

Does anybody know of any information on the web or in books about where gay people live. I know that sounds a bit odd, but I have heard stuff about there being a lot more in the city than in the countryside etc. Or other things along those lines. If people have the same information on other minority groups that will also be quite usefull.

I know this sounds quite vague, but I don't quite understaqnd the title so it is at the moment, I have tried searching myself but have not come up with anything.


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i just did a reasurch paper....

and it is true that gays tend to be in cites where there is already a community established than in smaller towns. i have other info if you want. i havent been in a while, so im sorry if this is too late to help you. my email is feel free to email me w/any questions.


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