Harry Potter Spoil Sport Discuss!!! Beware!!!

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Lets discuss our thoughts after our finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This will be here after you finish. Dont come in if you havent read the book, cuz it;ll probally spoil everything.

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Tonks is a dyke.

Tonks is a dyke.

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A clumbsy one at it.

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Dude, she totally is. She reminds me of my first love (just with the hair, actually...she was always changing it...*sigh*)

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Harry on Trial

Do you think Fudge is holding the grudge against Harry becuase of Voldemort? WEll at least Im glad they sent one of the insider from the Headquarters to observe and keep an close eye out for the clues. They;ll eventually find out Voldemort came back in style. Just as long she doesnt get killed first.

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I would like this moment

to say that I think that Umbridge is EVIL!!!!!! she's a sadistic bastard capable of nothing more than torturing people....
ok i feel better now...;)

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how cool was that?


i felt the ending was a bit contrived though.. (ie: the very ending about the prophecy etc)

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The Prophecy was Lame

It wasn't like anyone hadn't already figured out that there will eventually be a final battle between Voldemort and Harry. God, what a let down.

Harry has turned into a snappy bastard, and I was getting tired of his "oh, poor me" tantrums pretty quickly. Hermione continues to be amazingly brilliant, and I think all the decisions should go to her. And I love the new Ginny. She kicks serious ass. I'm so glad she's stopped being a simpering fool like in the second book. Overall, it was a pretty good book.

Oh, I have a new pet Harry Potter theory. I think Dumbledore is Harry's grandfather and that Neville is his nephew (remember "Uncle Albie" giving him the plant). Hmmm....

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I have to

agree on your character run down, and that theres some connection between Dumbldore and the two boys. Im thiking they're cousins.


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I agree

The whole uncontrollable rage thing was way too sudden and strong to be believable, methinks. It's a good Ron and Hermione didn't try to provide any physical comfort for Harry; he probably would have kicked Ron in the groin and set Hermione's hair on fire.

But all of the jokeshop stuff of Fred and George's was quite cool.

If Harry couldn't figure out for himself that eventually either he or Voldemort would be killed, he's a freaking idiot. An uncontrollable, rage-filled, freaking idiot.

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I'll second that

It was wierd that Harry became so angry and spiteful. He seriously had an attitude problem. Some I guess could be from Umbridge, the Dursleys and Snape. They weren't helping the matter. Don't get me wrong, I agree that he had some serious issues, but its also that the rage could have been a mixture of all the things wrong in his life.
I was thinking something like that to. That Dumbledore is somehow related to Harry and/or Neville. But if Harry and Neville are cousins than why didn't anyone tell them? Why weren't they notified that Dumbledore was their uncle or whatever? hmmmm.....
I was overly pleased with the book. Though there were some things i really didnt like as previously stated, Umbridge and Harrys fits. I was happy to see Ron became a Prefect. I think he really deserved it. I want to know what was going through Dumbledores head to make Malfoy a Prefect? He really didnt deserve it. And about that thing with Snapes worst memory, after Harry saw it, why didn't Snape use a memory charm or something if he didn't want Harry to know about it? Wouldn't that make more sense instead of denying Harry the Occumancy lessons? I think Harrys life is more important than a bad memory. Why did it have to be Snape to teach Harry Occumancy? (am i spelling that right?) There were plewnty of other teachers that could have, weren't there? Or did I totally miss something?
Ok enough ranting for now....toottles!

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For the occumancy (dont know

For the occumancy (dont know how to spell that either) part , well it had to be someone in the order because the whole concept of it is reading peoples minds. Like if umbridge taught harry that she could find out anything she wanted about sirius and the order. So the four people in the order at school were... dumbledore,hagrid, mcgonnagal and snape. It already explained why dumbledore couldnt and hagrid cant do much magic. And Snape is more fun then mcgonagal :)

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I found it was a bit long and

I found it was a bit long and drawn out, but still good.

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i was rather disapointed by the book and expected more. It didnt seem to have the usual twists at the end. The previous books, i was totaly amazed at what happened and I would never have guessed the outcome. This book was pretty straight forward though. It was still a good book, I just wanted more. The book is very long but it doesnt seem like much happens in it. I was enthralled at the beginning but disapointed at the end.

But what the book was definitly missing was a sex scene with herminone and tonks.

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Well yea, I got to admit this

Well yea, I got to admit this book was disapointing as well. It started boring and picks up every once in a while. The only good thing about it is it has more informations than Harry or us needed to know before the next book. To bad someobody had to die and cause more greif.

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rather disapointed. I figure it could have been condensed for the better about a third, so therefor it only really has to be four hundred or so pages long.

Definitely was missing a Tonks and Hermione scene.


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Isn't Tonks a wee bit too old for Hermione?

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Tonks could of course transform into a younger girl for that scene :)

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Might I vote for Hermione/Gin

Might I vote for Hermione/Ginny instead?


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your flavor. ^_^


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Picking up, so that it;ll be

Picking up, so that it;ll be on the list

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thank u!!

egads i looked everywhere for it.
was she making harry be all ragey to compare him to sirius? or to voldemort?

i'm starting to like snape. reckon he dies in the next one?
and she seems to have killed all suspicions that someone else is harry's father by making everyone say how much he looks like his dad.

oh well. think it'll be five years before the next one is done?

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It took me forever to read the book because it was so long and not too interesting. I was also rather put off by the way Harry was acting towards everyone. Granted I can understand why he was mad, I would be to if no one was telling me anything and if I was stuck with people like the Dursleys knowing that I was related to them. But still, he was angry far too often.
I was also pissed at the death of Sirius. He was one of my favorite characters! I was very sad for him, being locked up for so long with such a snotty house elf as Kreacher. Although I suppose Kreacher didn't exactly know any better and was trying to be loyal and respectful somehow.
Tonks was very cool. I would love to be able to change my appearance as easily as she could. And I do agree that some relationship has to start somewhere! That would make it less boring.
Hermione is still brilliant, Ginny is far better when she is outgoing, Ron has developed more with his spot on the Quidditch team and being a Prefect, and McGonagall is far cooler when she is sticking up for the students and the school and breaking rules herself, I loved the large amounts of sarcasm.
On one last note: UMBRIDGE IS A BITCH! My god! I read the part about the quill writing in his blood and etching into his hand and was shocked. I mean, little, or rather younger, kids read these books! This book seemed more grown up than the past four. The ideas are becoming more complex and the emotions as well. It seems kinda odd...And there has to be a link between Dumbledore and Harry! There has to be!!!!!
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