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Hi kids,

As promised, I'd tell you about what went on during Debauche...err...I mean, Pride Weekend. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish the story as it hasn't finished yet; but it'll be a nice start. By the way, when you see this: @@@@@@@@@ that means that the story is turning into a PG-13+ story as opposed to a Rated-G story.

Pride weekend for me started on Friday, when I went to help set up for the big gay dance that kicks off Pride here in Portland. I was there for several hours setting up with other members of the chorus (which, by the way, was sponsoring the event), and I was later joined by two of my friends (they're a couple). Due to a miscommunication on everybody's part, we weren't allowed to attend the dance that evening, as it was for 21+ people only. Instead, the three of us went out to eat when we were finished setting up.

I woke up early Saturday morning and got ready for my day. As you can imagine, Pride is always a fun time for me, and I wanted to experience as much of it as I could. Saturday was the day that I was going to spend at the waterfront (where the festival is held) and help out at the choir booth (and stare at the pretty boys that walked by). I was able to get away every now and then to check things out, other than the boys. Later that day, my two aforementioned friends showed up, and we all walked around, looking at all the booths and buying a few things, too (you know how us gay boys like to shop!).

Sometime during our wanderings, one of the people from the "Make-A-Date" booth came up to me and gave me a sticker with a number to put on. The concept of this particular thing is rather simple: you put on the number and go about your regular business. If you see someone you are interested in while you're walking around, you look at their number, and you go to the booth. When you get there, you can write them a little note pretty much saying anything that you want. I never had much success with these types of things (other than friends writing me obscene notes), but I figured I'd give it a try.

The rest of the day progressed and I went back to the booth once or twice to see whether or not someone had written me a note. Of course, nobody had. I met up with some friends, and they told me that they were playing on one of the two stages at the festival later that evening. I said I'd still be here at the festival, so I'd come and watch them. I spent the rest of the day at the chorus booth, and I helped them pack up. Then, it was off to the stage to watch my friends play.

Keep in mind, this is a gay event. That being said, things were naturally...not on time. :-P~ So, I had to wait for a little while before I would see them. In the meantime, I just hung around the concert area.

That's when I saw him again.

"Who?" you ask? Well, remember when I said I was at the chorus booth looking at all the pretty boys? I saw this one boy and he was very cute. He looked at me, too, but I interpreted it as more of a what-are-you-looking-at look.

Anyhow, I saw him again hanging around the concert area next to me, and he caught me looking at him. The look he gave me this time was different, though. I'm not sure what it was, but it was just different. I noticed that he had a little Make-A-Date number, so I was going to write him a note. Then I remembered reading this gay book a while back. In a section of it, it talked about meeting men, and how we shouldn't be afraid to approach each other. Even if they aren't interested, they are still flattered that someone approaches them. I know I sure am flattered when guys come up to me.

"No guts, no glory," I thought to myself. Instead of writing him a note, I decided to go up to him myself and start talking with him. Yes/no questions are stupid things to say to people when you're trying to get to know them, so I decided to ask him a question that would require more than a one-word answer AND a question that when answered, would tell me whether or not I should continue to talk to him or not.

He was sitting down, facing away from me, so I walked up to him, knelt beside him and asked, "So...uhh...would you be creeped out if I wrote you a note at the Make-A-Date booth?"

He smiled at me and said, "No, not at all. In fact, I would be rather flattered and I'd probably write you one back."

I was screaming inside in celebration!

After that, talking to him wasn't that difficult. I found out he's 23 and very ambitious. As we all know, I don't like boys my age that act my age, because we don't get along very well other than as casual friends. This guy doesn't act his age at all, and he said before I told him my age (20), he thought I was older than I was.

"John" had to go to one of the booths for a scheduled massage, so he left for a little bit while I watched the band. He later came back, and before too long, we decided we wanted to go to dinner. It was within walking distance (barely), but it would give us time to talk some more.

As soon as we were outside festival, there happened to be this bicycle-drawn carriage next to us. We decided to make use of the carriage instead of walking, so off we were! In a few short minutes, we were to the restaurant, and I paid the guy driving and gave him a pretty healthy tip.

We sat down and started talking and getting to know each other a bit more. He's very ambitious, very goal-oriented, he's educated, and he's not dating anybody to boot! :) Yay for like-minded boys! He was also very complimentary during the evening, saying all sorts of sweet things all throughout dinner.

After we ate, we took a little walk downtown. Before we knew it, we had gotten back to the waterfront, so we decided to stay away from the festivities and just go around and look at the boats. We walked around some more, and found a nice, quasi-out-of-the-way bench to sit on. We talked some more, and eventually, he put his arm around me, I put my head on his shoulder, and we just sat there for long streches of time without saying much of anything. We were there for quite a bit, sitting, talking, and cuddling. During one of our long (but not awkward) moments of silence, he leaned over and gave me the sweetest kiss. It was like a momentary burst of magic. It was wonderful.

@@@@@@@@@@ (story now is Rated PG-13+).

After doing some more talking, cuddling, and a little bit of kissing, he said, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'd really like to spend the night with you. Not have sex or anything, just to be with you." So that's what we did--we went to his place, had the most fabulous make-out session, had even a more fabulous time watching each other jack off (oh my dear, you boys should have SEEN the load Momma shot all over the place--good gracious!), and we fell asleep in each other's arms (after cleaning up, of course).

The next morning we both had to be up early, and so we spend a little time in bed cuddling and got up. I drove home and got ready for the parade.

We had made plans to see each other that night after I had dinner with some friends from the chorus, but he didn't call when he said he would. The most frustrating thing is that I don't know if it's because something came up or if it's because he didn't want to see me again. I'm hoping it's the former.

I'm going to call him later tonight after he gets off of work (unless he calls me first). I honestly hope yesterday was just bad timing and nothing else. Of course, I'll survive if he didn't want to see me again, but that'll just speed up the process of me becoming a bitter old queen, and we certainly don't want THAT. ;)

Sorry I couldn't finish the story as I would have liked, but there still is hope. As soon as I find out something, I'll post on here, you can all be sure of that. In the meantime, you kids behave yourselves, and Momma will see you all soon.


P.S.: And you kids should SEE the hickey that boy left on me! :-D

UPDATE: So during a break at choir rehearsal tonight, I gave him a call. We ended up having dinner tonight after rehearsal, and were able to talk a little bit about all sorts of stuff. One thing that he wanted to clarify is that we were just dating, and that there should be no misunderstanding about that--and there wasn't. Basically, we're just taking one step at a time, and that's it. Sorry my update couldn't be more glamourous, but at least we know that this wasn't just some fling at Pride. Yay for that! And yay for relationship potential! :-D


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Finally, someone that understands my point of view! Hickeys are the best! :-D And being the bossy (yet submissive) bottom that I am, I totally like the idea of a hickey being a way of marking territory. :-P~ And yes, the feeling. Oh dear, sweet, sweet heaven.

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