Hoping for a weekend of debauchery

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Happy Weekend, all!

This is going to be quite the weekend, if things go the way I'd like for them to. Shortly, I'm going to leave for Waterfront Park in Portland, OR to attend the Pride festivities. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm going to really try and meet lots of boys, get lots of numbers, etc. Momma's got a new outfit (which, unfortunately, does not go with The Hat), but it should make me look more like a gay boy and less like a prude (which is EXACTLY what I want). :-D Oh dear, I'm trembling just thinking about how much fun this weekend is going to be! *scream*

Well kids, have a good weekend, and I'll certainly try and do the same. :) Needless to say, should anything happen, I'll certainly let you all know about it! Good times, indeed!



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great! Wish I could go to prides.... *sniff* Being under driving age and gay is positively criminal. Have oodles of fun for me though, K?